Wireless kann nicht gestartet werden, nachdem am Terminal "airmon-ng check kill" ausgeführt wurde


Ich verwende Ubuntu 17.04 Dual Boot mit Windows 10.

Letzten Tag habe ich versucht, zu lernen, wie man es verwendet, um eine Verbindung zu einer drahtlosen Verbindung herzustellen, und als das Tutorial mich aufforderte, airmon-ng check kill oder airmon-ng stop wlan0 oder ähnliches auszuführen, scheint es normal zu sein und meine drahtlose Verbindung wurde ausgeschaltet, aber danachdass ich erneut gebeten wurde, den wlan0 zu starten, aber nicht kann.Und meine drahtlose Verbindung wird erst eingeschaltet, wenn ich meinen Laptop neu starte.

Wie kann ich das Problem beheben?


Please check to see if running airmon-ng, your wireless card has switched to Monitor mode:


If so, change it to Managed mode:

sudo ifconfig wlan0 down
sudo iwconfig wlan0 mode managed
sudo ifconfig wlan0 up

Any improvement?


sudo airmon-ng stop wlo1mon

my interface name is wlo1 check your interface name by command iwconfig

if your interface name is wlan then command is sudo airmon-ng stop wlanmon


I personally, didn't find any of these answers helpful - none of them placed wlan0 back into "station" mode, which is how it gets your internet connection back.

Let's start from the beginning:

You use airmon-ng start (like, wlan0), and it gives the feedback:

"monitor mode vif enabled for (wlan0mon) station mode vif disabled for "

Right, so then you do your airodump/aircrack/whatever -

But, then how you do get it back?

The "service restart" commands didn't seem to work for me. What did was using "airmon-ng stop "

. . It gave some pretty sketchy feedback, though: " You are trying to stop a device that isn't in monitor mode. Doing so is a terrible idea, if you really want to do it then you need to type 'iw wlan0 del' yourself since it is a terrible idea. Most likely you want to remove an interface called wlan[0-9]mon. If you feel you have reached this warning in error, please report it."

Well, as a "last resort", it's not really a terrible idea, now is it? At this point, you've played around enough, such that rebooting didn't seem like the inconvenience you originally thought, right?

Go ahead and do the "iw del" command. It'll remove your wireless device - Wlan0(mon), or whichever.

Check the results with iwconfig .

. . . Your device shouldn't appear.

Go back to airmon-ng start . It should say that it doesn't have a device by that name, and ask if you'd like to assign it. Say Yes.

This should re-create wlan0 and place it into default "station" mode, bringing back your connectivity.


To restart your internet connection after running sudo airmon-ng check kill and/or sudo airmon-ng stop wlan0, first get the Wi-Fi chip out of monitor mode, and then start the network service:

sudo airmon-ng stop wlan0mon
sudo systemctl start NetworkManager


In case the wireless board is identified by wlan0mon type:

airmon-ng stop wlan0mon 

that should do it.