Warum hat dieses APT-Paket eine vierteilige Versionsnummer mit einem Bindestrich?


Warum heißt das Paket beispielsweise linux-headers-3.2.0-45, wenn es tatsächlich 3.2.45 darstellt?


In case of the linux kernel first try:

$ uname -r

This shows you the current version of the linux kernel you are currently running. There you will see a version like the version of the package. But you are right, that this is not the version of the kernel you can find on kernel.org. The number that is following the dash represents the kernel revision of your current Ubuntu.

Every time when there is a bug or security issue fixed the number following the dash will increased.


I'd imagine it's because the .0 part technically counts for nothing as it's a zero. 3.2.45 would be identical to 3.2.0-45. As for the dash, that typically symbolizes a revision number (in my experience).
3.2.0-45 would be:

Linux kernel major version 3, minor version 2, patch 0, revision 45