Installationstreiber rtl8188ce



sudo nano /etc/modules 

Soll ich rtl8192ce oder rtl8188ce hinzufügen?

In der sagt der Autor zu mir: einfügenrtl8192ce.ko

Welches ist richtig?


The package you linked builds several drivers including rtl8192ce. Which one you require depends on your specific device. I assume you know you need rtl8192ce, but, if you have any doubt, please give us some additional details about your device:

lspci -nn | grep 0280

The correct format in /etc/modules is simply the driver name without the .ko extension:



rtl8192ce is the correct driver. The RTL8188CE does not have its own, rather it shares with the 8192ce.

udev should detect your hardware and load the right module anyway, but this is just a fail-safe.