si je mets à jour mon noyau, dois-je faire quelque chose avec grub?


j'ai donc mis à jour mon noyau via

sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-16.04

Dois-je faire quelque chose avec grub?

J'ai trouvé des guides de mise à jour du noyau où ils ont mis à jour grub et l'autre pas.

lequel est lequel?

Même cette page officielle Ubuntu (cliquez sur here) ne dit rien de grub



When you running sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, grub-install runs automatically. But if you not sure, you can run sudo grub-install manually


No, Grub will find it automatically.

Taken from

GRUB 2 [...] has two (optionally three) stages and being capable of automatic detection of various operating systems and automatic configuration. The first-stage loader (stage1) is loaded and executed either by the BIOS from the Master boot record (MBR) or by another boot loader from the partition boot sector. Its job is to discover and access various file systems that the configuration can be read from later.

You should see the kernel behind the distro in the Grub menu. If not (or you want to be sure the correct kernel is loaded) you can check after reboot by typing uname -r in the terminal to check which kernel you are running.