Dayz sur Ubuntu 13.10


J'ai récemment acheté le jeu Dayz sur mon ordinateur en utilisant Steam.J'ai récemment installé Ubuntu 13.10 sur mon ordinateur et cela indique que Dayz ne peut pas être joué sur ma plate-forme.Je suis un débutant Ubuntu.Puis-je faire quelque chose pour le faire jouer dans Ubuntu?


DayZ doesn't run natively on Linux, only on Windows.

There is a way to run Windows applications on Linux, using Wine. You can think of Wine like a Windows emulator, which it fundamentally isn't (Wine Is Not an Emulator). To install Wine, install it through the Software Center or open a terminal and type sudo apt-get install wine.

To find out how well an application runs in Wine, check out WineHQ. The entry for DayZ is here, and it appears that it's playable, but with some serious issues. Of course, you'll have to install Steam for Windows through Wine, which is well documented here.

You may have better luck installing a more modern Wine version than Ubuntu ships with, which you can acquire by the instructions here.

The way I see it, you have three options:

  • Dual-boot with Windows and play DayZ on there
  • Try and get it running in Wine and work around the issues
  • Have another Windows computer in your house and use Steam In-Home Streaming

More info on the latter here. Currently closed beta, but if you sign up you'll get an invite within a week.