Postgrey-그레이 리스팅을 비활성화하기 위해 전송 서버를 화이트리스트에 추가하는 방법


모든 MX 서버 (기본 및 2 개의 백업)에서 postgrey를 사용하고 있습니다.백업 서버에서 메일을 수신 할 때 주 서버에서 그레이 리스팅을 비활성화해야합니다.그렇게하는 방법?

/etc/postgrey/whitelist_clients에 IP / FQDN을 추가하면 도움이되지 않습니다.

/etc/default/postgrey에서 POSTGREY_OPTS="--inet=10023 --whitelist-clients=/etc/postgrey/whitelist_clients"을 지정해도 도움이되지 않았습니다.


You performed the right steps, adding to whitelist_clients. It is better to create a new file whitelist_clients.local, which is not modified while upgrading the postgrey package and is also read by postgrey. Then, restart postgrey.

But, due to a bug in the Debian postgrey init script, postgrey is not actually being restarted by running service postgrey restart (even stopping it is broken). Either restart the whole machine, or kill the postgrey process manually and start it again (using service postgrey start).

The issue is told to be fixed in June 2014 and restart is hopefully working in future Debian/Ubuntu releases.


What worked for me (Ubuntu 12.04) was adding the offending domains to '/etc/postgrey/whitelist_clients' (whitelist_clients.local didn't work for me), using 'kill -9' on the postgrey process, deleting '/var/run/', then 'service postgrey start'.

My problems were caused by (hotmail, outlook, etc), which appears to retry sending on many different IPs, which isn't handled by postgrey very well, i.e. it doesn't get the same IP twice so the email message isn't accepted.